Privacy Policy

By using our service, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Data collection

We only collect necessary data based on the need for the action to be taken. The data we collect are:

  • IP addresses
  • Files uploaded by you to our servers
  • E-mails, usernames and hashed passwords
  • Logs of interactions made between you and our servers
Data use

We only use the information stored on our servers for our proper functioning.
No information saved on our servers is shared with any third parties.
Our staff members have access to the files and limited information about you to keep the moderation and quality of our services secure.

Data retention

Any data on our servers has an expiration date that may vary depending on the needs of our system. Files will be available for an unlimited time, and will only be deleted if they do not comply with our terms of service or if the owner of the file deletes it.


We use cookies for some functionality of our system and they are extremely important. For example: to keep you logged into the system, to show the files that have been uploaded by you, etc.
We use some essential third-party services that also use cookies.

  • CloudFlare
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics

We use some security methodologies such as password encryption, SSL and other means to keep your connection safe, but we do not guarantee 100% effectiveness. Use it at your own risk. Files on our servers will be safe until you share them with third parties. Any files shared by you are at your own risk.