Terms of Service

By using our services, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Use of service

Our service may not be used to transmit content that is in any way unlawful.
All content that is hosted by our users is under their responsibility.


Files that do not meet the requirements of our terms of service will be deleted without any notice, and depending on the severity, the user will be permanently banned. The files hosted by users on our service are their responsibility. We have no responsibility, other than identifying and deleting files that do not comply with our terms. We reserve the right to delete any file without prior notice.


Do not upload pornography or images of genitalia
Do not use our services for content that offends any party
Do not upload material that is illegal or forbidden
Do not upload inappropriate images
Do not upload images that you do not own the copyrights
Commercial use of our services is permitted, except for spamming emails or other illegal activities


User accounts on our servers are the sole responsibility of their owners, we enforce the use of security to keep your files safe.
We reserve the right to delete any account without prior notice.


In case of copyright/DMCA issues, the user will be permanently banned from using our services.
At the bottom of this page are listed ways to contact you to report any file that infringes your copyright.

Guarantee of service

We always keep our services up-to-date and with good stability. We also have a CDN service that always keeps your files available. Even with excellent uptime, not everything is perfect and we cannot guarantee 100% uptime.


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